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  Stephen Yong the Barista
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  Key Person > Stephen Yong  

Stephen Yong on Bernama TV (Code House Malaysia)
Stephen on Bernama TV
    Stephen is currently the Senior Barista at Malaysia Barista Training, having made over 4500 cups of coffee currently teach Barista Skills to other baristas, cafe owners/workers & coffee lovers around KL.

Stephen has so far been interviewed, featured and appeared in multiple media coverage that includes newspaper (NST, TheStar), radio (BFM, Hitz), magazine (HerWorld, TimeOut, Gempak, MajalahPC), online (100+ online-magazines & websites) & national TV (TV2, TV3, NTV7, Bernama)

  Contact > Stephen Yong  

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  Stephen Yong featured in the media  

Stephen Yong`s latte art featured in NTV7 (Malaysia Barista Training)
Stephen`s Latte Art on NTV7 (TV)
Stephen on Bernama The Nation
Stephen on Bernama Nation (TV)
Stephen Yong`s interviewed on Bernama news TV (Malaysia Barista Training)
Stephen on Bernama news (TV)
Tv3 Jalan Jalan Cari Makan with host Naz (Nazrudin Rahman) featuring Stephen Yong (Malaysia Barista) on Latte Art Workshop.
Stephen & Naz on Tv3 (TV)
Malaysia Barista in CNN/BBC
Stephen on CNN/BBC
Malaysia Barista in TV2
Stephen on TV2
Malaysia Barista in NST
Stephen on NST
Malaysia Barista in BFM
Stephen on BFM

Although Stephen is the founder of (Online Games with over 3 million registered members) he enjoys making lattes with cute latte art designs as a hobby.

View Stephen`s latte art Gallery

Female magazine (Malaysia) doing a photo shoot on Stephen performing a Totoro latte art. Thank you Female magazine for taking your time, and lugging all your heavy photo equipment.
Stephen featured on Female
Stephen with the interviewer for Citta Bella Magazine.
Stephen featured in Citta Bella
Stephen Yong`s work featured in The Star (Code House Malaysia)
Stephen featured in TheStar
Stephen Yong`s work featured in The Star (Code House Malaysia)
Stephen featured in TheStar (again)

View more media pictures

  Trainers > MS Chu  

MS Chu enjoys teaching & training and has over 10 years experience teaching. Ms Chu can be seen on TV3 & TV2 video shoots related to coffee.

Ms Chu featured on CNN/BBC
Ms Chu on CNN/BBC
Tv3 Jalan Jalan Cari Makan video shoot, Ms Chu giving a demo to TV3 crew
Ms Chu on TV3
Tv2 My Dream Job featuring Stephen Yong & Ms Chu , both trainers @ Malaysia Barista on professional Barista & Latte Art training. This is a 2 day video shoot, for a 30-60 minute feature on TV2. Yes the trainers were featured for 30-60 minutes on TV2. We would like to thank TV2 for giving us the oppurtunity to participate.
Ms Chu on TV2

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