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Professional Espresso Machine supplier for Cafes. Buy Italy Coffee Machines for Cafes from us. This CBC Royal First espresso machine, Royal Synchro T2 espresso machine has 2 group and Piped in Espresso Machine for small businesses or HORECA (cafe, restaurants, hotels), or as high-end coffee machines for home barista. We are a Cafe supplier & distributor of Espresso Machines from Italy (Cafe supplier in Malaysia, Espresso Machine supplier in Malaysia). Directly imported. Also we are a distributor for Royal Syncho brand in Malaysia

  Royal First Synchro  

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ModelSynchro 1G
(Water Tank ver)
Synchro 1GSynchro 2G
Boiler4 L4 L11 L
Retail RM 9,350RM 11,400RM 20,350

Color Choices: Black, White, Red

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All Synchro comes with
- INEI Certification (Tested & proven to be the achieve the highest quality by the National Institute of Espresso in Italy)
- Copper lined boiler
- Heat Balancing
- 3300/3500W Energy Saving
- Ultra high powered steam frother (3.5 seconds to froth milk per cup for 8 oz latte)

- Polished stainless steel
- Ultra-heavy duty portafilers
- Electronic programmable 4 doses/group + manual/continuous brewing
- Electronic auto-fill system with protection against lack of water
- Programmable automatic hot water dispenser

Features (Water Tank Ver)
- 5 Liter water container (heat resistant)
- Water softener
- PreBrew/Preinfusion

1 Group

2 Group

Color: Black

Color: Red

Color: White

Color: Orange/Gold



  Synchro 1G Preview  
  Latte Art  
  Making Latte  
  Making 10 Latte  
  6 Black in 2 Minutes  
  Making 8 Espresso  
  How Long : Boil  
  How Long : Clean Up  

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