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Malaysia Barista is an Italy Espresso Machine supplier for Cafes, you can buy Coffee Machines for Cafes from us. This is a Piped in Espresso Machine for small businesses or HORECA (cafe, restaurants, hotels), or as high-end coffee machines for home barista. We are a Cafe supplier & distributor of Espresso Machines from Italy (Cafe supplier in Malaysia, Espresso Machine supplier in Malaysia). Directly imported. Also we are a Bezzera distributor in Malaysia
Did you know...
Year 1903 Luigi Bezzera patented the first modern Espresso Machine in Italy. This has popularized espresso drinks in Italy that brough forth the modern day Caffe Latte and Cappuccino. Bezzera family still makes espresso machine till today.

  Bezzera Woody  

More Info
ModelBezzera Woody 2 Group
Boiler11/14 L
Retail RM 13,950
Promo Package; comes with the options (worth RM5,800):
- PreBrew/PreInfusion Group Heads (+RM2,000)
- Insulated frothing wand (+RM1,000/wand)
- Wooden portafilter (+RM400/portafilter)
- Wooden frothing wand lever (+RM300/lever)
- Customizable wand lever (+RM200/lever)

Options you may choose:
- Extra-energy saving; 2200 W instead of 3300 W
- Disable PreBrew/PreInfusion

- 3300/3500 Watt , Energy Saving, Safety thermostat
- Matt stainless steel , Wooden portafilers
- High Group , polished raised tray
- Electronic programmable 4 doses/group + manual/continuous brewing
- Hot Water steam remover
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  Pics & Videos  

  Picture: Front View  
Bezzera Wood DE Espresso Machine from Italy for Cafe in Malaysia
  Picture: Back View  
Bezzera Wood DE Espresso Machine from Italy for Cafe in Malaysia
  Latte Art on Bezzera  
  Latte Art on Bezzera  
  Make Long Black  
  Make Latte  
  Inside A Bezzera  
  Adjust Froth Lever  
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